Tough, flexible, waterproof, crack resistant render with excellent adhesive qualities


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Download Data Sheet

FAST Wet Dash Premix is a tough, flexible, fibre-reinforced base with excellent adhesive qualities, minimal shrinkage, and high crack resistance, witch can be applied over most substrates. FAST Wet Dash is a pre-mixed blend of fillers, synthetic resins, co-polymers, cemet and fibres witch combine to form a tough, flexible, waterproof, crack resistant render with excellent adhesive qualities to witch the texturing aggregate is added.

Technical Specification


The presence of fibres in FAST Wet Dash ensures that, unlike conventional cement mortars which are brittle and crack easily, FAST mortar combines high strength with toughness.

Fire Resistance:

FASTWet Dash is non-combustible as defined in BS 476, and when exposed to fire will retain its integrity longer than conventional mortars.


FAST Wet Dash Premix is tough, flexible renders which have a minimum life expectancy in excess of 30 years when applied in accordance with the Specification.

Features & Benefits:

FAST Wet Dash Premix has excellent adhesion and high impact resistance combined with high tensile and compressive strengths. The product offers very low shrinkage and slump properties, excellent workability, and allows the free passage of water vapour. The finish gives high resistance to acid attack and vandalism. Only the addition of water is required on site.


FAST Wet Dash Finish is supplied in standard colours of grey and white. Other colours are available on request.